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The process of joining metal together in a functional way is called welding. This old and most prevalent way to work with metal provides students in Chelsea NY 12512 with many options for welding education programs in Chelsea NY 12512 and study. Students can enter programs in Chelsea NY 12512 at the vocational level to fully understand the field of welding.

There are numerous methods used to weld metal together and students have the option of choosing programs that cover one major area or multiple areas. A combination program may be the best choice for students who wish to have more career options upon completion. Focused programs are very useful to become highly proficient in one welding technique, which makes students specialized and able to advance within the profession in Chelsea NY 12512. Some main options available through welding schools and colleges include:

*ARC Welding

This type of welding is the simplest and most used method. Professionals use a general power supply to generate an electrical current that heats and connects two pieces of metal together.

*TIG Welding

Tungsten Inert Gas or TIG welding is used to create a very precise weld on all metals. The use of an electrode heats metal while under the protection of a shielding gas, usually Argon, to remove any contaminants from the weld.

Other areas of study can lead students to work exclusively with pipe welding. According to the Bureau of labor Statistics there are over 100 procedures that can be used to weld metal together. This fact alone makes the need for education even greater. When deciding on a vocational college students in Chelsea NY 12512 need to first determine what level of education they want to pursue. Students that want to work through a certificate or associate’s degree program can find many program options in vocational schools.

Welding certificates are usually short and highly specific. Practical training focuses on giving students practice with welding and blueprint reading. Many programs offer students training in pipe welding where they learn the four common welding positions; horizontal rolled, fixed, inclined, and vertical. Students can expect to complete two semesters of introductory welding principles. Maintenance welding, print reading, and arc welding are the prominent areas explored inside a certificate program. Students can pursue more education or enter jobs in industrial technology or construction companies.

Associate’s degree programs are highly common and the best way to enter the field prepared. Relevant coursework is integrated with many hours of hands-on experience conducting welding projects. The technical, safety, and practical uses of welding are covered as students work through different phases. Students work with one welding procedure and then move on to another one. Many programs in Chelsea NY 12512 have a section where students learn how to use multiple welding practices to connect different structures together.

Both accredited educational options prepare students in Chelsea NY 12512 to work in the industry by providing them with the specific technical skills needed.

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